Saturday, May 16, 2009


Today we decided to break with routine. We packed a picnic, and headed north, to Whidbey Island via La Conner and Deception Pass. We went to a Native American festival at Coupeville, we had frybread, we went to a couple of beautiful parks, we had our picnic.

We agreed that it felt like we were on vacation, and we've decided we need more days like this. Why don't we do this more often? It was great, memorable, and lovely. We'll be repeating again soon - Port Townsend? Vashon Island? Bainbridge? We don't need to go far, but we were a world away from our rourtines, and it was bliss.
We even got some passers-by to take pictures, and got some decent family photos. Check them out!


jennyward said...

i just went through all my old sunset magazines and i was thinking the same thing! they always have a nw daytrip article...could you get backcopies at the library? i agree - it doesn't take much effort or $ to get away and feel like you really got away!
great pictures!!!!!

Health/Life Balance said...

I just LOVE that final photo of you guys! You look so beautiful!

I, too, forget about day trips. We went to Whidbey last month (came home via Deception Pass) and really enjoyed ourselves, and also asked why we don't do this more often.

Caley said...

Beautiful family I love and miss so much! I am going to invite myself on one of these daytrips! I will be home June 3 for a couple of weeks...I'll be in touch!