Monday, March 02, 2009

My bedtime story

Tessa read to me tonight, and I was just SHOCKED at how much she's been improving. We hadn't read together in a week or so (bad Mama!), and today she blew me away.

Poor Old Polly by June Meiser and Joy Cowley

Old Polly found a frog;
she swapped it for a dog.
The dog wouldn't bark; she swapped it
for a shark. The shark looked too savage;
she swapped it for a cabbage.
The cabbage was too big;
she swapped it for a pig.
The pig got too bony;
she swapped it for a pony.
The pony wouldn't trot;
she swapped it for a pot.
The pot wouldn't cook;
she swapped it for a book.
The book had no pictures;
She swapped it for some britches.
The britches were too loose;
she swapped them for a goose.
The goose gave her a bite...
and flew off, out of sight.
Poor old Polly!

This is the best bedtime story I've had in years. Tessa got all the words by herself, including "wouldn't," without my help. (She did need help with savage and britches - she sounded them out but didn't know what they meant.)

Tessa and I agree that Polly was a fool to trade in a pony, whether it would trot or not.

I'm so proud of my girl!

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