Monday, December 15, 2008

Not frightful

As far as I'm concerned, both the weather outside and our cozy home are both delightful today.

On Saturday night, as Ryan and I cozied up on the couch in front of our beautiful new entertainment center armoire (hold on for more details about that) watching The Christmas Story ("You'll shoot your eye out!"), we looked outside to see flakes falling. By morning, several inches of powdery snow had coated everything in sight.

We kept the car in the garage, piled into snow clothes, and headed outside. Snow angels were made, snow was eaten (Tessa thinks this is marvelous for some reason), and Shep was gleeful despite his silly dog-boots and coat (gotta protect that injured foot, and if we only put one boot on him then he refuses to step on it, so we have to put them on all fours). We walked to C&P to hang out with the C&P crowd, then we walked to church, and on the way home from church we stopped and picked up some necessities (okay, are chocolate chips a necessity?!) so that we could be snug and carefree upon arriving home. Neighbors S&S came by for hot beverages, and Tessa alternated between playing in the snow and warming up outside.

And today? We're keeping Tessa home from school even though it's only two hour delays, because school is allllll downhill and we decided it's not worth it. Hours on the phone discussing the weather, and we're snug inside in warm clothes, with squash baking in the oven for squash soup this evening.

So it's icy and slick outside, but we're not feeling frightful. We're feeling grateful for a working furnace, a snug home, hot coffee or cocoa. I'm feeling grateful for a day with Tessa. I'm feeling grateful that Ryan can work from his office away from the office (aka C&P).

Stay warm and safe!


PS Armoire: Boy did we get lucky with this one! Susan's kind friend Eileen was upgrading to built ins and a flat screen, and so they gave us their beautiful wood entertainment armoire and their bigger-than-ours TV. I really love it! We had a decent TV but a piece-of-junk entertainment center, and this is a major upgrade. I'm incredibly grateful for their kindness and generousity, and I'm also grateful to my parents for helping to pick it up and transport it in their van. I'm ALSO grateful that we changed the schedule to get it on Saturday, instead of Monday as planned, because the weather wouldn't have allowed it today.


Sue said...

Good call on keeping Tessa home today, Kristina. I just saw this on WSB:

"While waiting with my son for the snow routed bus to Alki Elementary, took a couple
pictures of the very icy Alaska street. (That one) is looking east up Alaska street - which is closed. There was also a moving van stuck mid-block, just past the street closed sign. The moving van people actually put chains on the truck to back it slowly down the hill. At the bottom they took the chains off and headed north up 47th. I did see a few SUVs make it up Alaska. And for other readers who may be waiting for the school bus - we waited for the 511 to Alki from 10:20 to 10:45 and it didn’t see it. So we headed back home for the day."

I have such a bad ice phobia that weather like this is almost paralyzing for me. So, unfortunately, it is "frightful" to me. The only way I got to the bus this morning was with Phil walking me there, and I almost had a panic attack. This was on a 1/2 block walk. I will be SO grateful when it's all over!

Caley said...

Your day in the snow sounds lovely! Meanwhile, we in Houston are alternating between 75 degree, humid days and 40-50 degree's rather odd! We did have some snow though...I can't wait to come home and see you! Much love,