Tuesday, December 02, 2008

My massive to do list

- write Solstice Play
- Prepare for San Diego/Genentech speaking engagement
- Prepare for Sunday's service (story for all ages)
- Write a book! (Hunts Point)
- Pick up holiday cards at Costco
- Send holiday cards (write, stamp, etc)
- fold about 30 loads of laundry (washed, not folded)
- return phone calls
- hang Christmas lights, make swags and hang them
- Did I mention the laundry?

There is so much more on my list, but none of it is getting done today. I have given myself the day off so that tomorrow I can go full tilt and so that on Thursday I can fly out and do my whirlwind trip.

Fingers crossed that this strategy works. I am DONE being sick, but being sick is not done with me. I'm on day two of the five day course of antibiotics, and don't feel any different, but tomorrow will be a better test of whether they're working.

Pneumonia. I mean, c'mon.....really?! Ridiculous.

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Sue said...

I'm sorry you've been sick, but PLEASE be careful with the pneumonia. I had it a few years ago - I didn't even realize I was sick, because I felt fine. I just heard a little wheezing and was tired, so I went to the doctor. They said I was so incredibly sick that I needed to be out of work for 6 weeks! I just couldn't believe it, since I felt fine. Took me about 6 months before I totally felt like "me" again. So please be gentle with yourself as you heal - and if you need anything, just give me a call!