Friday, November 28, 2008

Not done being thankful

The statistics:

Pies: 3 (pumpkin, pumpkin streusel, razzleberry)
Cranberry sauce: 2 (regular and meyer lemon)
Potatoes: too many to count
# of servings of stuffing Kristina ate: 4 (yes, 4. Over two days.)
# of guests throughout the day: 11
# of us at the dinner table: 7 + 1 (Leif didn't sit at the table, being only two weeks old, but he gets included somehow!)
# of loads run in the dishwasher: 3
# of bottles of sparkling cider left: 6

Thanksgiving was all that it should be. Mom Surface helped me peel potatoes in the kitchen, Ryan and Dad Surface watched some TV, Tessa ran around filled with excitement, Steven shared wine, and we all adored Sarah & baby Leif. Surface7 came by - all of them! hurrah! - and visited before the meal. The day was wonderful.

The food was pretty good too, if I may say so myself. The turkey (which I brined this year) was super moist, the "new" Meyer Lemon Cranberry Dressing was a hit, the pumpkin pies turned out (which was a concern - I'm more of a cook than a baker), the new dressing (bacon, carmelized onion, and apple with sage) was a hit, the potatoes were fluffy (thanks, Mom, for mashing them!), the gravy wasn't lumpy.

But I'm still feeling grateful for all that is in my life. Mostly, I'm grateful FOR my life. I do not take it for granted that I am alive, that I've been healthy enough to cook a nice meal.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

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