Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bargain hunting

I got two pairs of jeans, a pair of tan cords, five sweaters, a hat, and a scarf, for under $30 today. They were all consignment, and they were STEALS. One sweater is 100% cashmere, and neither pair of jeans (Gap and Banana Republic brands) appears to have ever been worn.

Yeah me.

My winter wardrobe was in a sorry state and I was running out of just basic stuff to wear each day, so this will energize me significantly. My jeans were just faded and looking nasty, and I needed something more substantial than t-shirts, which is what I've been wearing non-stop. And my favorite Old Navy sweater is faded and looks terrible - definitely seen better days and time to disappear.

The hat and scarf are for Tessa. But I'm just thrilled to have what feels like a whole new "everyday" wardrobe. (My special occassion stuff is good to go - I have dresses, heels, etc....it's the everyday stuff I needed.)

Ryan is working a zillion hours each week right now, and Tessa and I miss him. Hopefully things will ease up SOON because this is getting crazy!

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