Friday, April 25, 2008

Sleepovers and Portland

The girls made it through the night - hurrah! Despite the fact that it was Zoe's first sleepover, she did fabulous, and my little stinker (who has had several sleepovers) stayed up WAY too late with the excitement of it all. Oh well. I still remember sleepovers from when I was young, and styaing up too late and getting in trouble for it is part of that.

(The threat that finally got her to settle down: "If you get out of bed one more time there will be no sleepovers for TWO MONTHS!" Never mind that we only have a sleepover every few months anyway....she was having too much fun to think of that long, and she finally went to sleep.)

I got to visit with Marisa last night, and that was such a treat. We've been good friends since college, and I always love seeing her. (Thank you Marisa for watching Shep this weekend, too.)

Now Zoe is gone, and Tessa and I are home resting. I kept Tessa home from preschool because she slept in late as a result of her late night, and I didn't want her to be (pardon the bad pun given today's events) a train wreck for the grandparents tonight. We'll have a quiet morning together getting ready for Portland instead.

And Portland! Our family is catching Amtrak this afternoon (Ryan will meet us at the station, which is walking distance from his office) from Seattle to Portland to visit Grandma and Bopa. Tessa is over the moon at the idea of a train ride,and Ryan and I are hoping for a nice relaxing trip where we can stroll a little to loosen up our legs, where someone else does the driving, where we can snack, talk, and relax. Gas prices are so awful that we decided that this was a good time to take the train, as when we looked at the cost of gas the train is a particularly good deal. It is also fortunate that we can go to Oregon City, close to Grandma & Bopa's, so they don't have to drive far to get us. The five of us can fit in their car, and they're okay with that, so it should work well.

(I hope I remember why I thought this was a good idea as I schlep a booster seat, suitcase, carry on bag, and child through the train station!)

We haven't been to Portland (or anywhere else, for that matter) in months, and it will be great to see family.

And on that note, off to fill up the suitcase and finish getting ready. Have a great weekend!

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Katie W said...

Hey Kristina!

First of all, Tessa calls her Grandparents "Bopa and Grandma," too? My Ryan's parents go by those as well. Secondly, they live WHERE close to Oregon City? Are these your parents or Ryan's? Because the majority of our families live in Canby (both sets of parents, both brothers, etc.) which is awfully close to O.C. Hope you have/had a great weekend! Enjoy the sun!