Saturday, March 08, 2008

Grandma, Bopa, Surface7, and Buttercup

Tessa has been beside herself for the past 24 hours. Grandma & Bopa were here when she got back from preschool, and Grandma brought her famous (in our family, anyway!) home made jam. Tessa posed for lots of pictures with the grandparents, and I'll post them when I download them.

Surface7 were able to come here for dinner, as well, and they laughed and said that their busy family of 7 hasn't had a meal with all 7 present since about Christmastime. (Of course, not all of their children are children any more - it looks like Melissa is on the road to marriage, even!) It was a true treat to have the 12 of us around our table. (Dad Dahl, LOVE the board that you made for our table expander, and Mom Dahl, thanks for the tablecloth! It gets drug out for every occassion like this, and I'm always grateful. It's a special thing to have a large, extended family, and a treat to be able to fit around a table. With 12, we were squashed, and it was the perfect kind of being squashed....loving, laughter-filled, happy. We used every piece of flatware that we own, and every dish, adn that was perfect, too.)

And then there's Buttercup.

I have vowed that we will not be adopting any rodents (ack!), but I have to confess that Buttercup is pretty darned cute. She has long hair, and she makes a cooing kind of purr when you pet her and she's happy. She's a vegetarian, and is gobbling up the broccoli, carrots, and celery stalks that we've given her so far (in addition to her guinea pig food).

And Tessa's love for Buttercup - well, she's beside herself. At dinner, she actually broke into a fit of happy laughter just THINKING about Buttercup. She is learning to be ever so gentle with her (and she's also learning that her fingers are the same size and shape as the carrots we've been feeding her, so be careful!).

Buttercup goes back to preschool on Tuesday. I'll bet that it's a tough transition for my daughter...and hence for me. But this weekend, she'll love her with all she's got.

Pictures to follow eventually....

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