Saturday, March 15, 2008

Blog changes

Small changes to the blog.

I found out that the reason that it said that I was from Afghanistan is that I had not selected a country, and it defaulted to the first one in the list. Umm, okay. I fixed that.

I finally fixed the typo under my picture.

I have begun adding labels to my posts, and I've gone back 100 posts to create new labels. In this way, if you want to trace only posts on one topic you can pull up those posts from the list on the left.

I've also updated my list of favorite websites.

A time waster? Maybe, but I've been meaning to do it "forever" and this is a good start. Apparently I had 696 posts on my blog and so I've got 596 left to go and label! I'll do it in little pieces, when I feel like it, but today I got a good start.

Perhaps most importantly, I've updated my greeting. It's NOT all about breast cancer, it's about my life. The greeting reflects that a bit better now.

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