Saturday, February 02, 2008


I got the response from Dr. Rinn, and went off the Neurontin. We'll see how things change. Last night the hot flashes woke me up several times, whereas on Neurontin I was sleeping better, but c'est la vie.

Today we planned on going snowshoeing with some PEPS friends, but the weather didn't cooperate - too much snow. The passes were still closed last night, and we decided that even if they opened in time, we didn't want to risk avalanches, snow on the roadway, etc. Bummer. We'll try again next weekend.

We did have a fun morning, though. The group that had planned on snowshoeing got together at Lincoln Park for some play time, and it was great to be outdoors on a dry day. We had an impromptu lunch afterwards ("I've got cheese" "I've got soup" "I'll bring fruit") and everyone, adults and kids, had a great time.

Now, Tessa and I are home, Ryan's on a ride with Paul, and the evening looks quiet. That's nice, actually.

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Anonymous said...

Dear RyKri,
I saw your sis-in-law and nephew on the M&J Show this morning talking about their experience with Josiah's cancer at 10. Kerri didn't even mention her breast cancer diagnosis. In any event, I was looking for information about her homemade therapies and found your website. If she has a website, could you forward it to me. I would love to read about her efforts.
A special prayer for strength for you and your family is being sent to you as well.
In kindness,